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Port of Ostia on sestertius of Nero

ref. : en.831.2013 | 6 June 2013 | by Francis Leveque
coins | Third quarter of Ier century AD
Rome, Latium ( Italie )
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Bronze Sestertius of Nero, 31.62 g., 38mm

Mint : Rome

Date : 64 ap. J.-C.

Recto :
Traduction : Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus Pontifex Maximus Tribunitia Potestate Imperator Pater Patriae (Nero Claudius César Auguste, Germanique, Grand Pontif, détenteur de la puissance tribunicienne, Empereur, Père de la Patrie)
Description :
Laureate head right

Verso :

AVGVSTI above; POR OST between S C below
Traduction : of August ; Senatus Consulto (par décret du Sénat)
Description :

There is no doubt about the identification of the port of Ostia since registration POR. OST. at the bottom of the currency. This is one of the most spectacular and famous monetary setbacks. An ingenious composition is on the outskirts docks and warehouses, the statue of Neptune holding a scepter at the entrance and a fleet of merchant and military ships, galleys rowing and sailing under the protection of the god Ocean lying down holding a rudder and a dolphin behind.

The construction of the port of Ostia, begun under Claudius was completed under Nero and probably has a lighthouse.


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