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March   (1 documents found)
23-03-2019 The Julia Felix, a shipwreck in front of Grado
February   (1 documents found)
16-02-2019 The Roman wreck of Comacchio
January   (5 documents found)
27-01-2019 Man sailing a small coastal vessel with two masts, from Carthage
25-01-2019 Landscape with a donkey, villas and boats from Herculaneum
08-01-2019 Mermaid on a mosaic of Qasr Libya church (3)
08-01-2019 Mosaic of Qasr Libya church (2)
08-01-2019 Sailboat on a mosaic of Qasr Libya church (1)
December   (1 documents found)
06-12-2018 The use of the lateen sail in the ancient Mediterranean
November   (9 documents found)
29-11-2018 Ship with lateen sail
28-11-2018 Caius Fonteius Coin
27-11-2018 Boat n°3 on Lansdowne relief
26-11-2018 Boat n°2 on Lansdowne relief
25-11-2018 The boats on Lansdowne relief
25-11-2018 Boat n°1 on Lansdowne relief
21-11-2018 Boats in the frigidarium in the Villa del Casale
14-11-2018 Fishing scenes in the semicircular atrium in the Villa del Casale
14-11-2018 The roman Villa del Casale
November   (1 documents found)
03-11-2017 An anchor in Caesarea’s harbor
November   (1 documents found)
11-11-2014 The engravings of Wadi Hammamat
October   (3 documents found)
15-10-2014 Cypriot small pottery dish
07-10-2014 Chypriot model from Amathus tomb n°83 (3)
01-10-2014 Painted linen from Gebelein
September   (5 documents found)
29-09-2014 Three boats on a painted pottery vase, Nagada II
28-09-2014 Black painted boat on a granite pebble
23-09-2014 Nimrud bottles
23-09-2014 Metropolitan Museum Knife-handle
05-09-2014 Model boat with hippopotamus
August   (3 documents found)
31-08-2014 Nagada II ships
29-08-2014 Model tambourine with Bastet boat
26-08-2014 Model Sailing Boat from Djehuty mastaba
February   (1 documents found)
01-02-2014 Jonah Sarcophagus in British Museum
January   (1 documents found)
03-01-2014 The golden ship from Broighter
November   (15 documents found)
30-11-2013 The hunter Hippo
29-11-2013 Winged ship on a jar of Egypt
27-11-2013 Meketre’s model of a Riverboat (5)
26-11-2013 Painted fragment with funerary boats
18-11-2013 Meketre’s model boats
14-11-2013 Phoenician warship from assyrian palace of Sennacherib in Nineveh
13-11-2013 Tell Mashnaqa models
12-11-2013 bitumen model boat from Ur
05-11-2013 Roman glass boat from Pompei
04-11-2013 Jar with 2 boats from Stockholm museum
04-11-2013 Roman glass model boat from Aquileia
03-11-2013 A necked jar from Stockholm museum with 2 boats
02-11-2013 Cypriot model boat (3)
01-11-2013 Cypriot model (2)
01-11-2013 Miniature bronze anchor
October   (17 documents found)
31-10-2013 Pottery model of a roman boat
31-10-2013 Cypriot model (1)
30-10-2013 Fragment from the bow of a model warship from Cyprus
30-10-2013 Stern fragment of a warship model from Cyprus
29-10-2013 Fired clay model boat from Ur
28-10-2013 Ship model in Kuwaiti site H3
26-10-2013 Vessel decorated from Asswan museum (1)
26-10-2013 Boat shaped palette from Gayer-Anderson collection (4)
25-10-2013 Boat shaped palette from Gayer-Anderson collection (3)
25-10-2013 Boat shaped palette from Gayer-Anderson collection (2)
24-10-2013 Boat shaped palette from Gayer-Anderson collection (1)
14-10-2013 Wooden model of a sailing-boat with crew (1)
13-10-2013 Wooden model of boat with crew
12-10-2013 Wooden model of sailing boat from Meir
11-10-2013 Wooden model from Thebes (2)
10-10-2013 Wooden model from Thebes (1)
02-10-2013 Jar Predynastic Period, Naqada II
September   (8 documents found)
30-09-2013 Predynastic painted funerary pottery from Gebelein
25-09-2013 Egyptian modele - F. Petrie
16-09-2013 Sarcophagus of Captain Eudemos
08-09-2013 Ancient Greek anchors from Piraeus museum
08-09-2013 Claudia Sintyche altar
05-09-2013 Minoan clay pyxis
02-09-2013 Isis sailing on a Diadumenian coin (2)
01-09-2013 Isis sailing on a Diadumenian coin (1)
August   (6 documents found)
27-08-2013 Commodus coin from Alexandria (var.2)
26-08-2013 Commodus coin from Alexandria (var.1)
25-08-2013 Odysseus and the Sirens
23-08-2013 Ulysses and the Sirens sarcophagus
22-08-2013 Commodus coin from Alexandria
21-08-2013 Carving of a ram from the Capitoline museum
June   (5 documents found)
09-06-2013 Port of Ostia on Commodus medallion (var.1)
08-06-2013 Port of Ostia on Commodus medallion
06-06-2013 Port of Ostia on sestertius of Nero
06-06-2013 Ship and trophy from the severian arc in Naples
02-06-2013 Roman bronze fibula
May   (4 documents found)
24-05-2013 Funerary relief from Piraeus
16-05-2013 Naval rams found in Mediterranean sea
09-05-2013 The soulder gard of retiarius from Pompei
04-05-2013 The Belgammel Ram
April   (6 documents found)
19-04-2013 Stele of Thessaloniki
10-04-2013 Jesus sailing with the apostles
10-04-2013 Phoenician ship on a panel of Nimrud
07-04-2013 Ferry for chariots and swimming soldiers in Nimrud
05-04-2013 Army crossing un river in coracles
01-04-2013 royal chariot crossing a river (Nimrud)
December   (2 documents found)
17-12-2012 Egyptian cosmetic palette in Scotland
15-12-2012 Nilotic scene on a silver bowl in Scotland
October   (1 documents found)
07-10-2012 Roman as with janus and prow (1)
September   (2 documents found)
26-09-2012 Abdamon Half Shekel in Sidon
17-09-2012 The Phoenicians biremes
September   (1 documents found)
12-09-2010 Dishekel - Time of Azbaal in Byblos
August   (2 documents found)
29-08-2010 decorated jar with painted ship from Ballas
28-08-2010 Roman ship of Trajans Column at Mainz