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Landscape with a donkey, villas and boats from Herculaneum

ref. : en.1882.2019 | 25 January 2019 | by Francis Leveque
peinture | first half of Ier century AD
Herculanum, Campanie ( Italie )
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By its colors this landscape seems to have been represented by night. It reigns a soothing atmosphere but also enigmatic.

This andscape with a donkey, goats, and boats, originally from Herculaneum, is now in Naples Museum. The style of painting here is very close to Impressionism.

The landscape includes villas, temples and colonnades around this body of water. On the pier a man is progressing with a donkey.

Three ships appear on this painting. The central one is very damaged and can not be exploited.
The top one has 3 rowers, of which there are 2 oars. The right end seems flat. It may be a transom that was sometimes given boats.
The one on the left has a more classic convex silhouette. The right end is curved, thin and slender upwards. It ends with a volute. One could think of a stern but it would go against the orientation of the oars and the position of the 3 people in the boat. The left end is unusable.