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Stern fragment of a warship model from Cyprus

ref. : en.1021.2013 | 30 October 2013 | by Francis Leveque
modèle | VIe century BC
Amathus (Amathonte), Chypre ( Chypre )
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Stern fragment of a terracotta model of a warship; hand-made; hull with curving underside, terminating in a projecting stem with a fish-tail end, behind with is a thwart modelled separately; made of buff clay with no apparent traces of painted decoration.

Culture/period : Cypro-Archaic II term details - 600BC-500BC

Findspot : Excavated/Findspot: Amathus, Site E, tomb 95

Technique : handmade term details

Length: 12.5 centimetres

Karageorghis and Westerberg both suggest that this is a non-joining part of the same model as the bow.

Excavated by: Turner Bequest Excavations, Amathus

Funded by: Miss Emma Tourner Turner

Acquisition date : 1894


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