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Stele of Thessaloniki

ref. : en.727.2013 | 19 April 2013 | by Francis Leveque
| IIIe century AD
Thessalonique, Macédoine ( Grèce )
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Marble relief with representation of Thessaloniki Macedonia.

A helmsman is at the helm of a ship symmetric. The top of the shell is reinforced with two thick wales. Torsades wale on top would almost think a rope.

Two mats in front seem to have their point of attachment to the same place. One is vertical, the other oblique. No doubt they are carriers of a sprit sail as found on small coasters Mediterranean.

The stele bears a dedication in memory of Aurelius Papianos :

Αὐρ(ήλιος) Παπιανὸς Αὐρ(ηλίῳ) Ἀσκλη-

πιῷ ἐκ τῶν ἰδίων μνείας



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