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Ship model in Kuwaiti site H3

ref. : en.1008.2013 | 28 October 2013 | by Francis Leveque
céramique | Second half of VIe millennium BC
Golfe Persique ( Koweit )
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This small ship model was discovered on a Kuwaiti site called H3. The site is located at the edge of a sheltered bay, now infilled.

dimension : 15 cm

Key features include incised parallel lines and modelling which represent the shape of reed bundles. Indentations along the tops of the sides may represent locations of cross-beams or thwarts. The tips of the H3 model are missing, but on other models they curve round into a loop or tight coil.

Many Mesopotamian potteries dated sixth/fifth millennia BC had been found along the coast of the Persian Gulf and suggested the use of boats. The model found on the site Kuwaiti H3 site confirm this hypothesis.

On the same site a small disk painted seems figure a boat and bituminous amalgam which are interpreted as fragments of the waterproof coating of sea-going reed-bundle boats.

Other examples are known from Al-Ubaid, Eridu, Oueili, Uruk, Tell Uqair and Mashnaqa (Hall & Woolley 1927: Plate XLVIII; Safar & Lloyd 1981: Figure 111; Breniquet 1987: Plate III; Thuesen 2000: Figure 5; Lloyd & Safar 1943: Plate XVIII: 13; Lenzen 1968 Taf. 23: h; Qualls 1981: 12-13, 14-15)


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