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Port of Ostia on Commodus medallion

ref. : en.829.2013 | 8 June 2013 | by Francis Leveque
médaillon | End of IIe century AD
Rome, Latium ( Italie )
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Commodus bronze medallion circa 189-190 AD, 73.11 g.

Atelier : Rome

Verso :

traduction : Imperator Commodus Augustus Pius Felix
Description : Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust r.

Revers :

traduction : Voeux de félicité
Description : Commodus, veiled, sacrificing at tripod placed at the entrance of a harbour towards which five vessels are approaching; a priest standing by the tripod accompanies the Emperor. On r., a pharos and beneath, on the sea-shore, a slain bull.
Commodus sacrifice a bull to the success of the supply of Rome.

One of the vessels leading to the right, the mainsail swollen and has a pole mounted to the front. Around him the boats moved to the trains are likely to move in the harbor.


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