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Mosaic of Qasr Libya church (2)

ref. : en.1902.2009 | 8 January 2019 | by Francis Leveque
mosaïque | Second quarter of VIe century AD
Libye ( Libye )
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This late mosaic shows that the construction of a church helps to maintain the know-how of the craftsmen for the realization of mosaic floors. The symbolic theme of the boat is frequently used in this type of Christian sites.

The mosaic comes from the floor of a Byzantine church, located near the Byzantine fort (now the museum). It has been dated from 539 - 540 AD. AD after its discovery in 1957 in Qasr Lybia (the ancient Olbia - Theodorias).

The ship is a boat used by 2 fishermen.

Another series of 50 mosaics of this church includes a ship and a mermaid carrying a rudder .