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Cypriot model (2)

ref. : en.1025.2013 | 1 November 2013 | by Francis Leveque
modèle | Third quarter of IIe millennium BC
Chypre ( Chypre )
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Terracotta model boat; there are 19 small holes around the edge and a larger hole in each of the two long sides; the poop has a bench and a forked end; repaired and restored.

Culture/period : Late Cypriot I or Late Cypriot II, 1650BC-1200BC

Made in Cyprus

Findspot : Maroni, Tomb 7

Dimensions :
- Length: 59 centimetres
- Height: 14 centimetres (middle)
- Height: 22.5 centimetres (poop and stern)

Curator’s comments

The model is discussed by Carbillet (2011, 227-8 and fig. 6) in the content of other Bronze Age examples

Excavated by The British Museum in 1898


Bibliography :

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